International Adoption in Philadelphia

If you have decided to adopt internationally, finding the right steps to follow to complete your adoption may be a bit overwhelming.  Diving into the process can be tedious, but, if you are located in Philadelphia, it is fairly straightforward. Here are some things you should know about international adoption in Philadelphia. 

Choose an agency

First, you will need to choose an agency that works in your area.  In Philadelphia, there are two main agencies that facilitate adoptions internationally: Holt International and Living Hope Adoption Agency.  Both of these agencies offer services from the very beginning through to post-adoption requirements. Both agencies are faith-based. Each also has great reviews from other Philadelphia families.

Choose a country

Once you have submitted an application with your agency, you will need to choose a country.  Finding a country is difficult, but the parameters for each country can be found online.  Your agency may limit the number of countries you can choose from. Finding the one that meets your needs and desires is imperative to navigating the rest of your journey.  Countries offered within the Philadelphia area are China, Korea, Honduras, Vietnam, Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, Haiti, India, and Uganda.

Complete a home study

Philadelphia and the country you’ll be adopting from will require a completed home study to be finalized before you can submit your dossier overseas.  Both of the international adoption agencies above offer home study services along with pre-adoption educational opportunities and counseling.  Through the home study, you will gather paperwork, complete medical and potentially psychological evaluations, and educational requirements.

Once your home study is complete, you will then submit your dossier overseas.  Depending on the country requirements and the legal capabilities of your agency, you may be matched with a waiting child right away. If not, once your dossier is submitted, you will begin your wait time.  Each country has a variety of wait times and process. Your experience will vary based off of country choice.

Utilize post-adoption resources

Once home, you will need to seek out post-adoption-specific services such as reports (per country requirements), counseling, and education.  Finding and utilizing these services can make a big, and valuable difference in your experience as a new family. During your cocooning period, you will be able to find other adoptive families and events within the Philadelphia area. This is essential to help support, encourage, and walk with you as you embark on your new journey as a forever family.  

In Philadelphia, international adoption is a streamlined process once you choose your agency.  Although differences in countries and hiccups may arise, your Philadelphia agency will work with you through the process.

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